Our Approach

We believe children are active learners, each unique in the way they progress through the sequence of developmental stages. Adopting a holistic approach towards child development, our team of early childhood educators and care givers act as facilitators of learning primarily by supporting children’s play. They are sensitive to their individual needs through respectful, nurturing and flexible interactions.

Our respect for this unparalleled stage of development is reflected in the age appropriate curricula we implement, which addresses the developmental needs of children in the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical domains.

We recognize the environment also acts as a facilitator, playing a vital role in the learning process. It is organized to provide choices between quiet and active spaces, to be aesthetically pleasing while being stimulating.

We identify the connections between child, family, childcare setting and community; seeing learning as a social activity, valuing collaborative learning. We encourage an atmosphere of support, mutual respect and open communication between parents and the center in order to create an safe and nurturing learning experience for young children. We believe that parents must be informed and provided with opportunities for involvement in their children’s day to day life learning.